Sunday, July 11, 2004

From the Lexington Hyatt, Rm. 801

Courtney and I survived our very pleasant wedding, and were absolutely amazed how well things went and how generous everybody has been. We're sitting here opening up gifts at 11 in the morning, and its just nuts how nice people have been to us. We have happily consummated (Courtney is yelling at me right now for writing that in!), and will be heading up to Ann Arbor this afternoon to work on our apartment before we go honeymooning next week. Blogging should hopefully pick up after that, since we won't have internet in our apartment for another two weeks. But we're very happy and smiley, and all is well, and it looks like Shaq is going to the Heat. Had to get at least one link in there.

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Anonymous said...

Your Potamus gives you congratulations, and wishes you all the happiness in the whole world.