Friday, August 10, 2007

Quickie Posts expand! the real world economics of cheating at video games, plus Superbad fun

Hopefully this post will evolve. I think it might just be best to start posting crap as I find what I want to post, and then commentate later if I ever get a chance. I have high faith in my taste in postable articles.

Remember when cheating at video games was fun? Ah, the sentimentality of the Contra code. The most interesting additional piece of information here relates to Asian WoW players who apparently spend lots of time doing nothing but mining gold, and then selling that gold (like really selling, as in legal currency, not fake WoW money) to lazy Americans who want to, well, act like globalizing Americans, and outsource their own video game playing efforts. Libertarian economists may find this as clever as they find ticket scalping. But apparently there are vigilante WoW players who just go around killing these gold-whores to preserve the integrity of the online community. How much integrity an online community can really have is up to you.

And more Seth Rogen! An EW Superbad Roundtable discussion. Too many notable quotes, so I'll just pull my favorite:

MICHAEL CERA: Same thing with Arrested Development. One of the writers, Jim Vallely, said if we got picked up on Showtime, the first shot he would want of season 4 of Arrested Development would be a shot of Will Arnett having a sex with a girl from behind. Just to kick it off.

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