Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Ain't got no sweat tea"

Fellow Southern expatriate Jeff Klineman's celebration of true Southern Sweet Tea deserves your anthropological attention. I've always gravely lamented my own lack of Sweet Tea experience, and I'm actually working on developing a taste for iced tea. The problem, of course, isn't with the beverage, but my unwillingness to knowingly put that much sugar in a glass and drink it. Thank you, Splenda, for letting me re-explore my heritage without further increasing my chance of diabetes. Courtney assures me that it's my grandmother's fault, since her grandmother always had a pitcher of the prototypical Pitcher of Sugar Flavored with a Pinch of Tea ready in the refrigerator. I was too busy drinking chocolate milk and my grandfather's special recipe root beer floats, I guess.


Anonymous said...

both my grandmothers, actually

Pepper said...

That's the best part of coming back to the South; I can get my sweet tea fix down here. I, however, have always maintained that it's made with crack, not sugar.

JHearne said...

I didn't think sweet tea was a real Eastern Kentucky thing.

However, living in NC has introduced me to it. I don't care for it but it sure is popular. When Jessica orders unsweet tea around here people stare at her.