Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Drug Politics: AIDS group sues Pfizer over Viagra ads

OK, so the AIDS Health Care Foundation has criticized Viagra ads that depict Viagra as a great way to have great sex on national holidays (e.g. Super Bowl, New Years). It also says that this encourages the use of Viagra as a party drug (often in conjunction with crystal meth). While this is true, and probably in bad taste (shame on Pfizer), the next point seems odd. They are suing for damages, saying that this advertising fostered an increase in the spread of STDs, which the groups has to pay for treating (it has many public health services that it provides). That seems to go too far. Might as well sue the alcohol industry and makers of every teen/college movie ever made. How about a combination pill that contains Viagra and a HAART cocktail (people from Pfizer should take note).

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