Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jesus Hates Online Gaming, Part I

In an attempt to placate a shadow constituency, Capitol Hill scumbags tacked on a self-serving online gambling ban to a port security bill that passed Friday night. Silly since, in reality, this issue is not even at the top of the extreme Christian right agenda (the only group of simpletons who could be pushing for such a ban).

This measure essentially makes it illegal for financial institutions to transfer money to internet gaming sites. Actually, this is funny since major credit card companies stopped transferring into gaming sites several years ago by their own decision. The perceived outcome from the gaming community is that the seasoned online gambler will not be too troubled, but that the casual player (read "dead money") will cower away. This is not an unreasonable assumption given our uncanny ability to lay down to scare tactics.

The bill has several carve outs for certain types of gambling including horse betting. That makes sense though, because the Bible says betting is ok as long as you bet on animals. I think this begs the question, "What would Jesus ban next?" And I'm crossing my fingers that the answer is Starbucks.

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