Saturday, September 30, 2006

A2: Never going back

So, after the latest in a series of extremely frustrating experiences with the dollar movie theater in Ann Arbor at the Briarwood Mall, Courtney has vowed that we will never set foot in the place again.

Among the biggest complaints include the bathrooms being not fit for the third world, and the employees that work there generally being either obviously lazy, incompetent, or just flat out rude.

For example, once an employee basically dumped half of an ICEE on all over me and the counter, and just sort of laughed and left me to clean it up. She had overfilled it ridiculously, and as soon as I tried to pick it up, red sugar water went flying. That was months ago, after I'd waited in line for about twenty minutes because only one employee was working at the combined concession stand/ticketbooth, while another employee sat beside that employee telling her about how big of an ass her boyfriend was while a line of fifteen people waited for popcorn. Never mind maybe opening up a second register.

I won't detail yesterday's event, because I'd probably pop a blood vessel describing it. Or Courtney would hit something reading it over my shoulder. GRRR!!!

I love cheap movie theaters. But I don't like incompetent businesses, and I'd rather not support the incompetency of the Briarwood Dollar Movies or the pieces of shit that they've hired to work there.


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Garrett said...

Wow, I've just been insulted by someone who can't spell douche bag. Fantastic.

I prefer the twilight showing at Goodrich. Only five bucks, a nice theater, and don't have to wait a few months for a new movie to come there.

By the time a movie comes to Briarwood, it's usually only a few weeks until the DVD release. I'd rather wait a few more weeks, get it from Netflix, and enjoy the movie in my apartment where the only drinks that are spilled on me are the ones I spill on myself, and the only nasty ass bathroom I have to enter is the one that I've not cleaned myself. It's not worth a buck to even bother most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Keep wiping your ass. Your blog sucks.

Garrett said...

You fixed your caps lock button, I see. Congratulations!