Monday, May 17, 2004

Farenheit 9/11 at Cannes

Critics seem to think Michael Moore's anti-Bush documentary sans distributor is actually pretty powerful in its "segments about losses on both sides of the Iraq war and the grief of American and Iraqi families."

Update: Yahoo! News, running almost the exact same article, prefers the headline "Moore's 9/11 Movie Riles Cannes Audiences."

rile: to anger, annoy, etc.

It seems like Yahoo! consistently beefs up their headlines in deceptive ways on both sides of the equation (no liberal/conservative bias charge here), which is a pretty dangerous thing in a culture that is used to Headline News, and can only pay attention for up to seven words at a time.

And let's face it, the people at Cannes aren't exactly No-Spin Zone frequenters. Film people probably make me look like a member of the Religious Right. Are we honestly supposed to believe that people at Cannes weren't eating this thing up? Moore is extremely questionable in his methods, sure, and the fact that he truly expects people to take him extremely seriously this time is even more problematic. I'm all for the development of liberal media, but I think somebody like Al Franken, who chooses to rally the Left through humor, might be more serviceable than Moore, who is probably a little wreckless at best in putting out his product.

Update 2: Google News links a very similar article with the title Moore's 9/11 film cheered at Cannes. What gives, Yahoo!? Did Murdoch buy you too?


Michael said...

ur post is kind of long. do u have cliff's notes or a summary 4 it? k thx.

Garrett said...

steve warnick will have a nine-page summary of it in the next set of phi chis.