Wednesday, October 4, 2006

PC Comics: Garfield has gone too far

While reading my comics I was rather annoyed by this one, and not just because Garfield tends to be kind of pointless and annoying (except for those clever lasagna jokes). I see that Jon is referring to the "juice harp" in the final pane. I had always thought it was a Jew's harp, and Wikipedia backs me up on this. Saying that though it has no particular semitic connection, the common term is Jew's Harp and people have taken to using the terms jaw harp, juice harp, English trump, and guimbard to avoid controversy. This seems stupid. I'm all for respecting other races/religions/etc by avoiding pejorative terms (thus I don't use the term Negro, and find Phoenix's Squaw Peak to be offensive, and try to never "Jew down" anyone on prices), but we go too far when we take non-offensive phrases and remove any possible racial/ethnic reference to make them politically correct (e.g. cross legged instead of indian style). That's just gay.

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Garrett said...

I feel like that entire post was just to lead up to the final joke. Well done!