Monday, February 13, 2006

Money: Suddenly Crying A Little More Now

Every wonder what your major is worth? Want to know whether you should have sucked it up and taken that course in advanced theoretical mathematical analysis instead of underwater basket-weaving? Well, lucky for you, CNN Money gives us a handy list of the most lucrative majors.

Apparently, I graduated from a top 10 university with the 2nd most lucrative major out there. Instead of making money and enjoying life, I get to be called in to the hospital at 4 a.m. to draw blood and cut sutures 2 mm long (not 4 mm, DAMNIT!). I want to cry.


michael said...

Man, I'm so glad I go to medical school, where after 4 years of training I can finally make... a few thousand more than I would with my impressive bachelor of the arts.

Anonymous said...

Ok, but what about when you finally get out and are making more money than your wife could ever possibly spend at Ethan Allen in one day?