Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Too Much to Blog: and no time to blog it

Internal medicine and Thanksgiving break mean my heart is elsewhere at the moment.

For those of you who don't understand the arbitrary nature of medical school evaluations, in the past week, I have received my absolute best and absolute worst evaluations from attendings during the same month. Somebody's being too nice. Somebody's being too mean. And they're all being incredibly arbitrary.

Surprise! Raising the Florida minimum wage didn't lead to massive job cuts!

Camden, NJ is the most dangerous city in the nation. Poor Detroit can't even win THAT distinction, coming in at a competitive #2.

Jerry Falwell's douchery now includes suing companies that don't wish you a Merry Christmas. Btw, My Cats play Falwell U next Friday. Having spent two summers in my youth at a brainwash Baptist camp at Liberty, this makes me sorta shudder.

Hospitals are getting noisier. If the patients would quit frigging breathing, maybe their IV wouldn't keep beeping all the damn time! Oh wait, yes it would.

And Medicare D just muddies the picture for seniors trying to get their drugs, as Barry Schwartz writes, because behavioral economics research demonstrates very clearly that having too many choices without clear distinctions can lead to market paralysis, rather than freedom.

And oh yeah, after eight years of being vegetarian, I just tried my first Tofurkey. It's absolutely amazing.

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