Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vaccine Smack

Mostly because I'm sick of seeing that scary Huckabee-Squirrel picture every time I pull up my site for link shortcuts, here's another Slate video, this time with some good old-fashion take-your-autonomy-and-shove-it vaccine cautionary tales.

To be clear, I think people who don't vaccinate their children are about as smart as people who eat their own poop. But I wouldn't kick someone out of my practice for any reason save concerns of personal harm, and I don't think it's particularly responsible for pediatricians to threaten parents that they will no longer be their child's pediatrician just because the parent smokes mercury-laced crack.

Don't punish a child just because the child's parents are idiots. The kid is going to have enough problems surviving 18 years with their anti-vaccine asshat mom and dad without getting fired by their pediatrician.

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