Friday, December 7, 2007

The Quotable Evangelical Evolutionist

Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution:

God communicates through science. Facts are God's native tongue. Who of us would let a first-century dentist fix our children's teeth? Yet every day we let first-century theologians fill our children's brains.

There's a difference between flat-earth faith and evolutionary faith. In flat-earth Christianity, the core insights -- sin, salvation, heaven and hell -- are understood in the same way as when people first formulated ideas. I still value the same concepts, but interpret them in a radically different way.


Protodeacon Jeremiah said...

Yeah! And who would want some 4th century BC Greek dude to teach our kids how to read ancient Attic? Or some stupid medieval stonecutter teach how to build Romanesque cathedrals?


(The wife and I are well, btw. Hope you and yours are too.)

-Your favorite pre-modernist contrarian.

Garrett said...

hey dude, your presence is sorely missed on Facebook, man! Or is that not allowed for the friendly pre-modernist? :0)

Btw, last you commented, you were in WV, right? how close to the PA border?

Protodeacon Jeremiah said...

Actually I do have a Facebook thingy, but I never look at or otherwise use it. I just haven't gotten into it.

Fairly far from PA. I'm actually right next to Kentucky.

Protodeacon Jeremiah said...

Oh, I thought I'd share this, in case you haven't seen it yet.

Hilarious. But, sadly, not unbelievable.

Rev. Honesty said...

Great quote and a great point.

Something to chew on.