Tuesday, December 12, 2006

LGBT: Gay Evangelicals?

Gay evangelicals struggle to find a church where they feel welcome and comfortable practicing their faith. Given the recent outing of two prominent evangelical leaders, let's all pray that this spurs some questioning from the evangelical community at large as to the acceptance of LGBT individuals. If someone like Rev Barnes can struggle his whole life and not be able to "convert," maybe that means that conversion isn't really the answer. Maybe some people were actually created gay by God and are meant to love a partner of the same sex. Maybe Jesus doesn't want us to be judged and discriminated against. Just a thought.


Geoff said...

I just want to point out that the above mentioned Rev Barnes has no relation to yours truely :)

Garrett said...

Obviously you haven't been around Baptists enough, or you'd understand that Brother Barnes is your brother too, Brother Geoff.

Geoff said...

We're not so brotherly in the Catholic church :)