Thursday, October 5, 2006

MedPol: Ali endorses Granholm over stem cell policy fight

I have to appreciate another Kentuckian supporting Granholm for Michigan governor. Michigan has some of the most restrictive stem cell policies in the nation.

State law does not permit Michigan researchers to get embryos left over from fertility treatments in the state.

State scientists can use embryonic stem cell lines from California, Illinois or other states with less restrictive laws, but those lines sometimes are patented by other researchers.

In Monday’s first gubernatorial debate, Republican Dick DeVos said he is against embryonic stem cell research but supports research using adult stem cells.

Opponents say embryonic stem cell research destroys human life, one reason President Bush earlier this year vetoed federal legislation expanding federal funding of such research.

Granholm supports legislation being sponsored by state Rep. Andy Meisner, D-Ferndale, that would allow more embryonic stem cell research in Michigan, and has asked citizens to voice their support for easing restrictions on such research in Michigan by signing an online petition.

Ali’s endorsement enabled Granholm to make a point of her support in her campaign against DeVos. Observers said she’s more likely than DeVos to benefit from raising the issue.

“The Granholm camp can start painting a picture of him as an out-of-synch true-believer,” said Craig Ruff of Lansing-based Public Sector Consultants.

“A plurality of voters support the Granholm position,” said Ed Sarpolus of the Lansing-based polling company EPIC-MRA. “She’s looking for those on-the-fence voters” whose decision doesn’t hinge on the economy.
Ali suffers from Dementia Pugilistica, a fancy name for a Parkinson's-like disease developed after getting bashed upside the head for way too many years.

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