Friday, June 2, 2006

Beyond Fact Checking: Olbermann RIPS O'Reilly on Countdown

Keith was pretty fired up about this in case you missed it.

addendum: Basically, Olbermann blasts O'Reilly for his two discrete instances of claiming that American forces massacred surrendered Nazi forces in WWII at Malmedy, and for using that instance as some sort of justification for the abuses at Abu Ghraib. And all of this in an argument with General Wes Clark, as if an MPA from the Kennedy School lets you even hold the jock strap of a retired four-star army general. Olbermann plays the "disgusting" card very effectively.

Wikipedia has the same info [available 06.06.06]:

In late May 2006, O'Reilly caused controversy when he accused American soldiers of committing the WWII Belgium Malmedy massacre when discussing the recent firestorm over the alleged Haditha massacre.[38] This is the second time that O'Reilly had made the same accusation, and the Fox News Channel edited the transcript to allegedly cover up the fact that O'Reilly had made the same comments twice. To date, O'Reilly has offered neither a retraction of, nor apology for, the matter.[39] On his show Countdown, rival cable news host Keith Olbermann administered O'Reilly a verbal scolding in response to the matter. Video and transcript of the Olbermann segment are available here. On Monday, June 5 2006, Paul Rieckhoff, executive director and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America asked O’Reilly to apologize for his erroneous comments on Haditha.[citation needed]


Garrett said...

I think Olbermann's only role as a talking head right now is to rip O'Reilly new assholes ever day, which leads O'Reilly to rip Olbermann, etc. Great ratings war, even if Keith is stuck on MSNBC, the dark hole of all news.

Josh said...

There are only two people I trust on mainstream media to actually tell a God damn story right, and they are Keith Olbermann and Lou Dobbs. Everyone else is bought and sold. Oh yeah, there was Showbiz Tonight on CNN which, after having Charlie Sheen on the program, was replaced by fuckhead Glenn Beck of uberright radio fame. CNN is actually scarier than FOX since they are the "liberal" part of 24 hour cable news.

Also, I should note that the word verification thing is just a horrible solution to the problem it is intended to solve. It's getting to the point where I can't even identify the letters, but I'd almost guarantee there are several computer that can.