Monday, May 15, 2006

Grey's Anatomy is the worst thing that has happened to television or medicine in, well, the past two seasons

Post rated PG-13 for mature themes, baseless anger, dirty words, and the desecration of all humanity by Seattle Grace

If only my wife would quit watching it and exiling me from the living room into the bedroom or computer room, where I can't help but listen to its inane bullshit.

"They always say that transplant patients bounce back quick, but wow!"

No, they don't. Transplants, especially heart transplants, are hellacious ordeals. What the HELL are these overly made-up dufus bitch doctors talking about? I think the University of Washington should sue the shit out of the producers of this show for even associating the piss-poor dickheaded medical melodrama of Grey's with the Seattle area. Hell, Starbucks should bring out a drink, the "We have nothing to do with that piece of shit show" Mocha.

I'm truly appalled of the medical folks who actually watch this show with some sort of forgiveness for its atrocious crap. All female medical students, that I know of. And the entire OBGYN staff. I pretended that I liked the show on OBGYN, I admit, so I'd have something to talk about with some of the residents. True, I had been forced to listen to the "Code Black" episode, and by unwilling osmosis, I did know some of the plot twists that a few of the residents were dying to get to their Tivo's to watch.

I think all of my other postings outline very well my feminist nature, but feminism doesn't say anything about taste. Guys still like a lot of shitty action movies that aren't any good. And Girls still like a lot of shitty romance melodramas that aren't any good. And sure, there's overlap, but society is one strong monkey, and the gender monkey isn't getting off our backs any time soon.

So here it is: I blame heterosexual female medical students for allowing Grey's Anatomy to exist!!! Curse you all!!!

I'm glad Courtney doesn't watch House.

And what's worst, poor ER, still a good show, has to share the small screen with this crap.

It's a commercial. Courtney has the TV on mute. My blood pressure slowly drifts downwards... must... hit... publish... post... now.

Update: Grey's has been moved to Thursday nights at 9:00, against CSI and the O.C. and some new big deal thing from NBC. Since nobody watches TV except on Thursdays, and nobody wants to watch more than show.


Pepper said...

Shut up about House man. I want to have House as an attending some day. Too bad there's no specialty called "throwing zebras at the wall until one sticks."

JHearne said...

I'm a fan of House but I'm definitely not a med student.

I did, however, have the special distinction of having the disease featured on last week's show.

It makes me feel special... in a weird way.

Anonymous said...

garrett - i hate the show if it makes you feel any better. and i have 2 X chromosomes. i hate medical tv shows in general, but hell, i don't watch any television to begin with. ~nicole

Garrett said...

so glad to hear at least one XX'er is on the right side :0)

As I said, Courtney doesn't watch House, which means I don't watch House. I've never watched it, actually, so my one-liner on House was based mostly on word-of-mouth.

But let us not forget that which is upon us. Grey's!

At the conclusion of last night's episode, the surgeon who says she is really just a "pretty girl with big boobs" quits after she realizes she is *gasp* NOT a surgeon! Or maybe since she was directly responsible for killing a dude, maybe she was just walking straight to jail. But I think she was walking back to her career as a lingerie model, which Courtney tells me is how she paid her way through medical school. Since she was too good to take out loans like the rest of us.

And of course the other half-dozen surgical interns who conspired to commit murder are just gonna bounce around the hospital again, la de dah.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to be so angry?

Anonymous said...

Geez Garrett, take out your hatred on something else that everyone dislikes, like terrorism or stale potato chips. I for one have never had a stale pringle, which makes me wonder do I eat them all before they go stale (almost surely true) or are they just such a greater chip (oops, I mean crisp) that they have a longer shelf life? Anyway, you could be spending that one hour that Courtney is watching Grey's A to watch it with her and ignore the medical stuff. I never get pissed off at CSI (and believe me I could), I just laugh hysterically when they do something dumb.

Garrett said...

Courtney hates Pringles. So there :0)