Wednesday, April 12, 2006

LGBT: A Walking Hate Crime

So I'm finally getting around to blogging some of the links Garrett's put on offer. This looks like a good one to start with; I'm just going to make fun of it.

From PageOneQ (which boasts more purple than I've ever seen on a website!):

Some Gay Couples Adopt to Molest, State Rep Says

Rep. Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville, said she still believes homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt children. In fact, in addition to e-mail correspondence with a master’s student at Vanderbilt publicized recently, in which she said as much, she has also said homosexual couples may molest the children they adopt.
That reminds me; I have to stop at the animal shelter to pick up a puppy. I'm out of stir fry chicken.
"We also have seen evidence that homosexual couples prey on young males and have, in some instances, adopted them in order to have unfretted access to subject them to a life of molestation and sexual abuse," she said.
Man, it's a good thing that heterosexual couples don't do that. Ever.

What's her citation for this evidence? A cover story in Klansman Weekly?
“In all cases to paint with a broad brush strokes is unfortunate,” said adoptive parent Dr. Christopher Harris.

Harris is a pediatrician by day and a single gay adoptive parent by night.

“She brings such joy into my life,” he said. “It's always said pediatrician doesn’t finished his training till he or she has a kid.”
Yeah. And molests them, apparently.
Harris fits every requirement for the state's definition of a good adoptive parent: loving, healthy and financially stable. He is also gay, and for Maggert, that means he's unqualified.

“I have strong convictions. I just feel kids in our foster have been through enough. They need the optimum family unit, and that is a mother and a father," she said.
And until that happens, foster care is like one long house party. Bitchin! Oh, and having strong convictions doesn't make them not stupid.
In the e-mail with the Vanderbilt student, Maggart said research shows most homosexual couples have numerous emotional dysfunctions and psychological issues that may not be healthy for children.
It was a nice heterosexual couple that first introduced me to puppy stir-fry. That's all I'm sayin.'
A lot of debate has circled around the evidence on whether gay adoptions are good for kids.

Harris said a career in pediatrics has shown children of gay and lesbian parents turn out just fine.

Maggert said it's just the opposite, and the research she's read comes from a variety of sources, including the ACLU and Focus on the Family, a Christian group.
Holy shit. You can't argue with facts. Well, at least they're objective sources. Ahem.
The gay adoption bill is still in the House committee on children and family affairs and has several more steps before lawmakers can take a vote.
This made me tired.

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