Monday, December 19, 2005

Medicine/Politics: Zombie Claus attack documented by Maynard group in Ann Arbor

Dr. Yaroch of the Dept of Psych here at the U details the incredibly disturbing recent zombie attack and the string of worrisome activity as the NSA has followed and attempted to suppress information related to the event.But don't take my word for it. Read these post-of-the-decade worthy accounts at the Corpus Callosum and Mark Maynard (with many fabulous zombie pictures). Mark has a series of posts dated 12/13/05-12/18/05 which I will not link individually, but which are all worth viewing.

Like seriously, these guys are my new superheroes.

I explained my greatest worry on a comment at Corpus Callosum, as I explained to Dr. Joe my own zombie tracking experience:

Obviously the most concerning issue here is that a gene and a prion have been suggested as an etiology for zombie disease. Given that previous isolates of the virus Solarum have dominated prior zombie pathophysiology, I think we'll all have a lot to talk about at the 765th Zombie conference next fall (Atlanta, GA, Oct. 14-18 2006).

Of note, the past 21 zombie conferences have been conducted as seminars associated with the Society for Neuroscience annual meetings. I gave up my invertebrate neurophysiologic research in 2002 after attending the Orlando conference. I am spending next year studying zombie behavioral patterns under the guise of an MPH program in Behavior and Education dept of the SPH. While they claim to study race, class, and gender issues in health care, the race, class, and gender to which they refer are races of zombies, zombie classes, and zombie gender (which is a PARTICULARLY hot topic of debate).
This is the point where I point out that if you haven't read the Zombie Survival Guide, from which the "blades don't need reloading" tagline below our main title is derived, then you are not prepared for outbreaks such as the Maynard street incident. Preparation is everything.

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