Thursday, September 15, 2005

Politics: choose your battles wisely

Michael Newdow is back in court trying to get the Pledge out of schools. Only in San Francisco.

I don't particulary disagree with Newdow's argument; in fact I think he's pretty much absolutely technically correct on all accounts.

But geez, in a country where Fox News is uber-profitable, is this really a battle worth fighting? Is it really worth insuring that Republican presidents get elected for the next fifty years until enough conservative justices are on the bench to allow Rick Santorum's grandson to transform the pledge into a ten paragraph treatise affirming the Christian God recited at gunpoint every morning. Is it worth making sure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer just so atheists don't have to say "under God" every morning?

Here's a tip to atheists out there: learn about 'symbolism'! If you're an atheist, and you hear 'God,' think 'Organic Chemistry.' Organic chemistry is at least an equivalent deity worth worshipping if you're not into worshipping a deity. It's not worth pissing off the Red country and insuring that gays can't marry for seven thousand years.

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